Sample Authorization to secure a property for acquisition

Attention to:
2nd Floor, SL15 Lorong BK Square 2,
BK Square, Jalan Batu Kawa,
93250 Kuching, Sarawak.


I/We ———(Name of Developer)——— of —- Address of Developer—- and Phone Contact ///082111111/// (“the Prospective Purchaser(s)”) do hereby engage you SINJUN PROPERTIES as my/our AUTHORIZED AGENT for a period of 6 (six) calendar months, commencing from 03-04-2024 and expiring on 02-10-2024 (“Agency Period”) to secure a property or properties for Purchase (“Said Property” or “Said Properties”) at a total consideration for the Said Property which shall not exceed Ringgit Malaysia 10,000,000 or other such sum as may be subsequently agreed by the Prospective Purchaser(s) (“Sale Price”) subject to the following terms and conditions:-

1. The Prospective Purchaser (s) hereby authorizes Sinjun Properties to utilize any form of advertisement to promote the acquisition of the Said Property (Said Properties), including but not limited to sending flyers, or advertising in any form of media. However, I/we instruct Sinjun Properties and the agent responsible for this engagement to NOT DISCLOSE our intention to purchase the property to safeguard our position as purchaser.

2. A brief description of the Prospective Purchaser’s requirement is as follows:
– Type of Property: Land suitable for development
– Location of Property: Jalan Stutong, Jalan Song, etc.
Others: Excellent land at reasonable price

3. This instruction contained herein is given to Sinjun Properties in my/our capacity as the Prospective Purchaser(s). This authorization to secure/acquire a property for purchase shall remain valid during the said Agency Period.

4. The Prospective Purchaser(s) hereby agrees to pay Sinjun Properties a professional fee of 3 percent (%) of the Purchase Price, plus 8% Government Service Tax (“SST”) on the professional fees upon the acquisition of the Said Property or Said Properties (even if it differs from Clause 2) from any Vendor(s) procured and/or introduced by Sinjun Properties during the Agency Period on the terms specified herein and upon the execution of the formal Sale and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”).

5. In the event the Earnest Deposit or Booking Fee has been paid and the acquisition transaction is aborted by the Prospective Purchaser(s) or by the Vendor(s) before the execution of SPA the Prospective Purchaser(s) agrees to pay Sinjun Properties a professional fee equivalent to 50% of the Earnest Deposit (or Booking Fee) or forfeitable deposit or 50% of the agreed full fees, whichever is lesser plus the relevant applicable SST.

6. The Prospective Purchaser(s) agrees to indemnify Sinjun Properties against all losses/damages or claims by the Vendor(s) if the Prospective Purchaser(s) for any reasons whatsoever fail to execute, or does (do) not proceed with the execution of, the SPA after the Earnest Deposit (or Booking Fee) has been paid or collected and the Prospective Purchaser(s)’ offer to purchase has been accepted by the Vendor(s).

We agree to authorize Sinjun Properties.

Signed by the prospective purchaser/
Developer of the said property
at below E-signature

Digital Signature
Name: ———(Name of Developer)———
Tel: ///082111111///

Witnessed by Thomas Sim of Sinjun Properties E(3)2077
This is a digital generated copy of Authorization to secure property for acquisition, no signature is required of REN/PEA/REA who generated this document as their identity are already captured as approved user.

Date of Engagement: 03/04/2024


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